Whether it's a formal occasion or that special day you've been counting towards - We've got you covered.

Our red brick building houses private nooks and corners for a discussion or an area with a long table where you can host a staff meeting with an endless supply of coffee and food.

On the other hand, if you want a tailored experience to celebrate something special, our eclectic cafe turns into a customisable function space upon request.

This industrial warehouse is an open plan urban oasis with a cool afternoon breeze and a friendly team to create a perfectly casual or classy event for you.


Book our red brick building exclusively for your next big event.

We accomodate all types of events and we've hosted everything from markets to networking events in the past. From time to time, we even host events open to the public so keep an eye on the announcement page.


This package is suitable for a creative but rusty on the edges style wedding ceremony, a private party to celebrate the 60th or a corporate event. Our space can easily serve up to hundred people with food packages and a coffee tab. 


You can reserve a table or two in our cafe for up to 15 people for free.

For over 15 people or for a more private space, we have other affordable options for you. 


Occasionally we like to host larger social events like poetry slams, Christmas markets or art exhibitions. If you're interested in a collaboration or if you're looking for a large space to organise your own fundraiser, then look no further. 

Our warehouse is customisable with ample parking spots and even the possibility of cross marketing opportunities, Bedouin Brew is the space and team you are looking for.   

Bedouin Brew Pty Ltd

ABN: 67 630 276 014                      4 8 Boyland Avenue, Coopers Plains, QLD, 4108

Phone: 0432833318

Email: contact@bedouinbrew.com

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