Our Story

Our Story

The History

After five years in the hospitality industry and many attempts at creating her own coffee business, at 21 years of age, Chloe found herself in the right place at the right time to open up what was soon to be her first ever venture, Bedouin Brew.

Alongside her incredible family and friends, many brought Bedouin Brew to life on the 18th July, 2016, and the rest is history.

Based in the heart of industrial Rocklea, Brisbane, Bedouin Brew is an open warehouse that welcomes friends and strangers to enjoy Brisbane’s finest coffee, surrounded by luscious indoor and outdoor plants.

The Name

For those of you who have been fortunate enough to experience the Middle Eastern culture, you would know it is an age old custom for the Bedouins (Middle Eastern desert dwellers) to serve coffee to their guests as a form of hospitality.

One will roast, grind and serve the beans in the presence of his guest and must do so for a duration of days before asking the guest to leave.

For a Bedouin, there is no richer welcoming to ones guest than to offer freshly made coffee with warmth and kindness.

Bedouin Brew has taken the Middle Eastern tradition of serving coffee and the Australian tradition of drinking coffee into its own hands to create an environment that is one of a kind.

How our customers describe Bedouin Brew… A unique space, unexpected hidden gem, relaxing atmosphere, friendly staff and “coffee that good you would want it hooked into your veins”.

The Partnership


December 2015, My Plants move into the Sperling Street warehouse as a plant depot to feed their life long plant stalls at the Brisbane Markets, Rocklea.

Come January, My Plants decided to open the shed up to the public and collaborated with the Bedouin Brew to create a co-sharing business of plants and coffee.

Both businesses work together to create a Brisbane location that is one of a kind. We think you should come and see for yourself…

The Staff

Evi Rusckeska has been a BB staff member since July 2016 and is truly one of a kind. With a smile the size of the sun and energy to warm a room, Evi is always around to leave you feeling happy, hydrated and well well caffeinated! Oh, and not to mention… She’s an amazing artist and actress. Check out her work @eviruzartistry.

Richelle Thompson has been apart of the BB team since August 2016 and is guaranteed to provide you with consistently delicious coffee, a bit of a joke and a “great” amount of sass. It doesn’t end there… Richelle is one of a kind @lifechurchbrisbane, is a casually talented woodworker and is on the stepping stone to owning her own coffee business in the future.

Miriam Simard came onboard the BB team in December 2016 and brings alive the calm nature of our team with her enormous amount of attention to detail and a very relaxed personality. Coming from a family of eight siblings, Miriam is a machine in the dishes department, yet, manages to look immaculate never the less. Miriam is an artist, potter and photographer. Check her out on instagram @mcmiriam.